From the creative studios of Arend Eloff Sculpture comes forth a new project where the plight of the Rhinos under siege can be supported through the ancient art of fine sculpture.

The studios has for many years now operated as a free and individual force and various marketing and production methods are combined with over 25 years of professional experience to lay the foundation of this new project.

Arend’s professional work is internationally renowned as valued sculptures of natural beauty and power and his diverse talents has served many creative directions.

He has now created a small and medium size Black Rhino artwork which is now open the public and corporates as highly valued collectors bronze sculptures and/or branded corporate giftlines

The project is now in process where 200 smaller bronze rhinos are up for investment of only R 6 500 each.  Length 23 cm.   (art value R 8000 +)

There is also a larger artwork at 66cm length  available in a  very limited collectors edition of only 12 bronze copies for only R 58 000. A smaller bronze rhino is added into this buy for free.  Two bronze artworks for the price of one.

Rhino Power 66cm L                                                                                                 Rhino Fight 23 cm L


The project has a bigger objective

The profits from the 200 smaller sales will enable the artist and the production team to create and cast a very large LIFESIZE monument in bronze.

This sculpture will then be auctioned off by renowned auctioneer and conservationist ,Mr Brandon Lear,  at a very prestigious auction event.

ALL the money raised at this auction will then be donated to Rhino Conservation


The studio have done research into Rhino NPOs and have identified two very specific beneficiaries for this project. The aim is to get funds down to grassroots level which could have the greatest impact and assistance.

There are various valuable projects which will be assisted through these transparent and dedicated organisations.


Simply visit   and for more detailed information on the work and projects which these two organisationsare constantly active with.


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