Artworks in sculpture as a corporate identity

The artworks and creative talents of Arend Eloff has been widely recognised and are effectively acquired and applied by companies as valuable statements, personalised awards and gift liness.

The artist works with the company to create unique and person liaised designs and artworks in a variety of sizes and mediums which is applied in many directions.

  • Esteemed awards and presentations
  • Exclusive and unique gift liness and marketing tools
  • Interior and exterior image statements
  • Decorative murals in form and colour
  • Water features and focal points
  • Art collectibles in bronze


Designs are cast in a high grade silica bronze that delivers a classic and everlsting sculpture. Used as statues, art collections, esteemed gifts and high quality interior design.

Multi metal

Brass, bronze and alluminium is combied with a ceramic and resin compound to create a versatile and durable sculpture medium. Cost effective metal forms for a wide market


Designs of various shapes and sizes is produced in eco friendly recycled glass. Colour, sandblasting, logos and wording can be created. Used as awards, paperweights, bookends, holders, etc


Designs, murals, water features and glazed artworks are created and fired in ceramics which is highly versatile in it’s colour and form.

Many companies have invested in the value of his art and Arend has created hundreds of designs and sculptures for the evergrowing corporate industry.

  • AVIS
  • ATNS