Arend Eloff was born into an inspirational artist family where his own talents and interests for drawing, painting and sculpture was evident from a very early age.

His continued passion, practice and play into these creative fields led to many drawings and sculptures in clay emerging from his creativity and his first bronze artwork was cast at the age of 16.

His work and stature as a creator in art and design is always expanding and evolving into new fields and mediums and his work is highly valued and recognised its diversity of expression.

He is deeply influenced by the essence and value of our natural world and the relationship of man to beast. His work is evolving into the symbolism and messages that nature has for mankind as an evolving spirit and he constantly looks toward nature for guidance, messages and teachings on universal balance.

His work is exhibited on an international scale an is widely acquired by art collectors, corporations and structural developments.

He has been commissioned by many individuals and organizations where his work stands proud in homes, offices and exterior spaces.

His work is produced in various mediums from high quality bronze castings to acrylic resins and glass.

The production teams are always working on new and interesting methods and mediums of production and expression.

The studios remain open to all enquiries and requests.