The Horse has been the one animal that has been so pivotal and instrumental in the development and evolution of the human spirit that it is hard to imagine existence without it.
The horse has thus bowed its heart and spirit in service to mankind in most areas of life.

But mostly for me is the combination of service and retaining its nobility and freedom that inspired me most.

Through all that it has endured by the ignorant hand of man, it still comes back to serve and give of its heart and power.

Horses are constantly teaching us more about ourselves and guides us in finding new ways of interacting, living and experiencing life with these magnificent beings.

They also radiate qualities of power, grace, nobility and freedom that on some level always attracts the wanting human. Therefore I stand in awe before a horse and as it lifts me up I work at  becoming more of a man. But a horse does not need to work at it. It just is.

The sculptures and designs are created in various mediums toward different purposes.

  • The artworks are acquired by as valued collectors editions in a limited bronze series.
  • Interior and exterior designs are created in metallic compounds and resins.
  • Creative trophies and awards in all eq disciplines, events and horse breeds.
  • Monumental statues in sculpture which install dynamic visual statements for any house, development, stud or arena.
  • Exclusive designs with logos and wording are also created for any organization contributing to their personal gift lines and marketing products.